The Science of Predictive Human Biology

Alto Predict is focused on the challenge of predicting human outcomes to drug and chemical exposures

Transforming Drug Discovery Through Human-Based Phenotypic Profiling

Developing Frameworks For Integrating Information To Understand Human Disease

In the News

Keystone Symposium on Phenotypic Drug Discovery 2019

Save the Date! The Keystone Symposium on Phenotypic Drug Discovery is happening March 3-7th, 2019 in Breckenridge Colorado. This will be a rich program highlighting Recent Advances and Insights from Chemical and Systems Biology thanks to…

Engineering in Biology

Biology and engineering – my favorite topic! Thank you to Vijay Pande and Derek Lowe for recent blog posts discussing the influence of engineering in biology research and drug discovery. I believe engineering principles can help us…

Predictive Toxicology: Strategies for Implementing New Approaches

ASCCT is hosting its 7th Annual Meeting on September 11, 2018 on the NIH Campus in Bethesda MD. This year’s meeting topic is “Predictive Toxicology: Strategies for Implementing New Approaches” and will focus on FDA regulated products. Plenary…

Phenotypic Profiling for Predicting Drug Combination Effects in Patients

Great story from Ernest Choy (Cardiff University), Markus John (Roche) and Alison O’Mahony (Eurofins DiscoverX) in the Journal of Translational Medicine showcasing the value of phenotypic profiling (non-animal, human-based in vitro assessments)…

Lab Automation 2018

Want a quick way to catch up on new technologies for life science research? The Lab Automation 2018 event on May 30-31st is a free virtual conference that gives scientists a convenient way to hear from diverse speakers about screening, automation,…

IDO Inhibitors - No Go for IO?

The recent failure of the IDO inhibitor epacadostat in combination with Merck’s pembrolizumab for immuno-oncology (IO) has been the subject of numerous reports and commentary (see here, here, here and Vinay Prasad’s epic twitter rant here). And now…



Phenotypic Profiling for Translational Drug Research

Selection, use, and interpretation of in vitro assays to support drug discovery programs, from early discovery through development into clinical and post-marketing studies.

Drug and Toxicity Mechanisms

Research and analysis of drug mechanisms of action relevant to clinical outcomes. Expertise in drug and chemical toxicity mechanisms and design of mitigation strategies.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Expertise in the analysis and interpretation of phenotypic assay data and the integration of diverse data types and information sources into decision frameworks.