The Science of Predictive Human Biology

Alto Predict is about the challenge of predicting human outcomes to drug and chemical exposures.

How is data science transforming drug discovery and chemical safety?

How do we use big data to make better decisions?

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A Timely Paper

A Timely Paper On Chemical Probe Validation

Helpful article out of Novartis (Wang et al., 2016) led by Jeremy Jenkins on their methods for evaluating publicly available tool compounds for use as chemical probes. This is a timely paper given the re-launch of the Chemical Probes Portal,…
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Best Practices for Chemical Probes

The recent re-launch of the Chemical Probes Portal, a community-led resource for chemical probe information, is a convenient time for reviewing best practices. Chemical probes are small molecules developed to selectively inhibit protein…

Can Network Biology Fuel Innovation in Drug Discovery?

If phenotypic screening is driving innovation in drug discovery, network biology is the fuel. In phenotypic screening, compounds are tested for their functional effects on cellular responses in a target agnostic manner. For drug discovery…

Privileged Chemistry, Privileged Biology – Made for Each Other

The selection of chemical matter to be used for screening is a major discussion topic for phenotypic drug discovery (PDD) researchers. At the recent Keystone Symposium on PDD, several talks were presented on focused chemical libraries suitable…

PDD Keystone 2016 Driving Innovation in Drug Discovery

Phenotypic drug discovery (PDD) is driving innovation in drug discovery. This was the take home message from the recent Keystone Symposium on Modern Phenotypic Drug Discovery: Defining the Path Forward. Bernard Munos (FasterCures, Fortune)…

Keystone Symposium on Modern Phenotypic Drug Discovery

Looking forward to a great conference on phenotypic drug discovery (PDD) at the Keystone Conference next week in Big Sky, Montana (Modern Phenotypic Drug Discovery: Defining the Path Forward, April 2-7, 2016). We will cover success stories,…



In Vitro Assays for Translational Drug Research

Selection, use, and interpretation of in vitro studies to support drug discovery programs, from discovery through development into clinical and post-marketing studies.

Drug and Toxicity Mechanisms

Research and analysis of drug mechanisms of action relevant to clinical outcomes. Expertise in drug and chemical toxicity mechanisms and design of mitigation strategies.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Expertise in the analysis and interpretation of large in vitro data sets, and the integration of omics data into decision frameworks.